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How to get to Piazza San Marco/St Mark’s Square?

Come arrivare in piazza San Marco?

Venice has a unique charm with its marvelous historic center, its elegant ancient palaces overlooking the Canal Grande, with its water crossroads that unravel in an intricate maze of romantic and suggestive canals. Reaching the city is very easy, but let’s see how to get to St. Mark’s Square whit the main means of transport..

How to get to Saint Mark’s Square by bus?

Saint Mark’s Square is certainly the most popular destination in Venice, the place where all tourists spend at least a little of their time visiting the city. If you arrive in Venice by car, but this is only one of the many options, you can park in Mestre, there are several paid parking lots. 

From here you can get to St. Mark’s Square by bus, actually all the way to Piazzale Roma, from here you can continue on foot, if you want to see the city at a more leisurely pace. 

Even if you are coming from Marco Polo airport you can get to the center of the city by bus, which always terminates in Piazzale Roma, and from here you can walk to St. Mark’s Square.

How to get to St. Mark’s Square by water taxi?

If, on the other hand, you do not want to walk and prefer to relax completely before a walk in the center, the least tiring way to get there is by water taxi which has no stops, so it is fast and comfortable. Obviously, on the other hand, the taxi is certainly not as cheap as the ferry, but it offers a higher level of comfort.

The cab is ideal for those arriving by plane or train and for those who want to move from their hotel to discover the city and the wonderful islands that surround it. 

How to get to St. Mark’s Square by ferry?

A good compromise to reach St. Mark’s Square is to take the ferry.Ferries are a very convenient means of transport, with numerous stops at the various piers, so you can easily move around the center of Venice. Of course you can also easily reach St. Mark’s Square. 

For all the information about the different lines, the timetables and the cost of tickets, you can consult our website. For example, if you arrive in Venice by train, from the railway station you can take the ferry across the city along the Grand Canal and reach St. Mark’s square in a few minutes.

This is a very pleasant route also from a tourist point of view because from the Gran Canal you can admire some of the architectural wonders of the city, such as the famous Rialto Bridge. With the ferries you can study a real tourist route.

If you take a look at the schedules of the ferries of the Canal Grande company, you can decide to get off at one of the stops in the center, such as Rialto Mercato, and take a walk, cross the bridge and go shopping. Another interesting stop is San Tomà, from which you can reach the Basilica di S. Maria Gloriosa dei Frariin a few minutes on foot.

How to get to Saint Mark’s Square by Gondola

The gondola is certainly the most fascinating means of transportation. With this charming and historic means of transport, you can travel along many canals in the center of Venice, or a truly unforgettable tour.

Usually you can book pre-arranged routes, by reservation, in these, of course, is included the stopover in St Mark’s Square. Some tours are thematic, so you can choose according to the characteristics of the tour. 

As far as boarding points are concerned, instead, you can take a look at the portal and decide from which one to start according to your location or the schedule of the tour.

Visiting Venice without taking a gondola ride would be a real shame!

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